Cleaned is beautiful, sanitized is better!

We've produced professional machines for the sanitizing with ozone since 2010. We work in different areas, among which vet, automotive, catering, hotellerie, health and beauty and wellness areas.

Our Values

We strongly believe that prevention against diseases, allergies and infections starts with the correct sanitizing of the air we breathe, or water we use and most importanly surfaces with whom we enter into contact with.

We have at the heart of our business the security through microbiology your health and more importantly the environment. For this reason, we work hard to promote the adoption of effective prevention practices, such as sanitizing with ozone, the real key to ensure your clients and your staff a high level of hygiene and safety in the work place.


Our experience and our competence at your service, in order to guarantee you the best devices in the market


Our ozone generators are recognized on the market for the "Safe System", a device capturing the remaining ozone gas at the end of the treatment, it converts it back oxygen


All our machines are provided with an electronic control unit which produces just the right quantity of ozone to not damage people and things, this is for your safety and your clients as well

attenzione all'ambiente
Care to the environment

Our systems safeguard the environment, because they don't release any toxic residuals in the air. They are also ecological because they don't use chemical detergents


Together with our suppliers, clients and partners we form a unique team. Because collaboration leads always to better results


Day after day, we study how to improve our products and how to strengthen our services with the aim to offer you always the best solution

Sanity System in the world

We are present in 53 countries in the world, our two headquarters are located in Italy and USA while distribution and sales are in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Emirate of Dubai, Qatar, Panama, Chile and Colombia. In Italy, we have a widespread presence in the national territory, with more than 3000 Sanity Points and several Business clients such as medical practices, vet practices, nursing homes, hotels and commercial activities.