Sanitizing with ozone, goodbye complications!

Do you want to reduce the nosocomial infections in your vet practice? Would you like solving the problem of smell in the operating room and in the veterinary cages?

It regenerates the air of rooms and removes the pathogen agents, cause of infections and diseases in your vet practice

Sanitizing with ozone in the vet practices
icona batteri e virus

It removes bacteria, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts and pollens. It inactivates viruses

icona odore pipě cane

It removes the bad smells of urine, feces, animals, blood, mold and perspiration

ecologica e naturale

It destroys the volatile residue of chemical detergents

allontana insetti infestanti

It repels fleas, ticks, ants, flies, cockroaches and generally infesting animals


The sanitizing with ozone is recommended in all the veterinary environments, such as vet clinics, ambulatories and practices.

Ozone is recommended to sanitize rooms, surfaces, walls, pieces of furniture, objects and fabric, such as carpets, curtains, little mattresses, armchairs and tables.

Sanitizing of the air and pieces of furniture of: medical practices, recovery rooms, operating rooms, waiting rooms, reception, toilets.

Water enriched with ozone is recommended to accurately wash all the surfaces and most delicate objects or those one which cannot be sterilized in an autoclave.

Washing with ozone water of: veterinary equipment (examination and operating tables, gurney, cages, vet pre-operating basins) medical devices, diagnostic instruments, non-invasive instruments (scissors, nail clippers, mouth openers, shaving heads).

Together with the topical therapy, washings with ozone water removes bad smells, reduces the healing time and decreases the amount of administered drugs. Thanks to the disinfectant, antimicrobial, antinflammatory and analgesic properties of ozone, animal health conditions quickly improve with no side effects.

Baths with ozone water for the therapy of infected injuries, tissue damages, dermatological pathologies, external otitis, compression ulcers, buccal, bladder and vaginal washing and in all cases of infection and inflammation.


The vet practices are, by their nature, high risk. Hospital infections are common place. The presence of animals, together with the customers and medical staff's one, involves a high probability of viruses, infections, fleas and ticks, transmissible both to the other animals present in the practice and people. Sanitizing with ozone your vet practice represents a care and respect action towards animals, your customers and the medical staff, it protects their health and safeguards your nursing home form possible image damage and unpleasant misunderstandings.

It reduces the risk of contracting infections in the operating room

It improves the efficacy of your treatments.

It increases clients' satisfaction

It contributes to the observance of the rules about health protection and safety in the working places

It protects the medical staff's health

It reduces the danger of contamination

It promotes a positive image feedback

It makes cleanliness activities more effective

Sanity O-Zone

Being a Sanity O-Zone client is a distinctive sign of excellence and competence, which distinguishes you from the competitors and proves how you care for animals and medical staff's health. If you want to improve your service and the quality of the air of your working environment, become a Sanity O-Zone client and find out the several advantages reserved for you!