Increase revenue for your business. Become a Sanity Point Authorized Dealer!

Extend the range of the services offered to your clients and distinguish from the competitors. Thanks to the professional treatment with ozone for the cockpit and air-conditioning system, you will get a retention tool of your clients and you'll attract new ones.

Become a Sanity Point!

Quick, easy, effective, safe and cheap. Your clients will be happy to remove from their cars the bad smells and bacteria, main cause of allergies, asthma and infections.

Opportunity of extra profit
The sanitizing service with ozone represents an additional opportunity of profit and a way to attract new customers.

Costs deduction
You won't have the necessity to buy detergents and chemical sprays, you won't have to be worried about keeping reserves in the storehouse.

Manpower optimization
Our devices are easy to be used and completely automatic. During the treatment you'll be able to dedicate yourself to other things, because supervision is not necessary.

Advertising support
Your business will be inserted in the list of the Sanity Point dealers present on our website or you can take advantage from the several promotion campaigns on social media

Sanity Point fitting kit
We offer our dealers a kit of brochures, roll-up advertising and other informative material to help you sell more Sanity Ozone services.

Sanity Point fitting kit

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