Sanitizing with ozone, completely a new air!

Would you like removing the smoking smell from your car? Do you have any children and want to protect them against bacteria and virus?

It removes bad smells and microorganisms proliferating in the cockpit and in the air-conditioning system of your car. Try the sanitizing with ozone and find again the pleasure of going into a new car!

Why sanitizing your car
icona batteri e virus

It removes bacteria, mites, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts, pollens and it inactivates viruses

elimina cattivi odori

It removes the bad odors of smoking, animal fur, cooking smells, mold and perspiration

ecologica e naturale

It destroys volatile residue of chemical detergents

allontana insetti infestanti

It repels infesting insects such as flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, ants and bedbugs


Sanitizing with ozone is recommended for all types of vehicles: cars, vans, commercial vehicles, such as vans, trucks, motor trucks and health vehicles such as medical cars and ambulances.

Ozone is recommended to sanitize surfaces, objects and tapestry of your car's interior.

Sanitizing air of the dash and fabric, among which car mats,
child seats, seats, pillows and carpets.

Ozone is ideal to remove bad odors and repel bacteria, molds, pollens and fungus.

Sanitizing and deodorizing of your car's interior and of the ducts of the air-conditioning system.


Every day vehicles interiors hold millions of particles and pathogen agents carried by the air, people and animals. Fabric and seats absorb the bad odors, while tapestry and child seats attract bacteria and allergens.

Sanitizing with ozone allows to carry out a cleanliness deeper than the traditional one, because it kills more than 99% of germs and bacteria present in the cockpit and in the air-conditioning system of your car.

It improves the quality of air in the cars interior

It increases the driving comfort

eliminates odors
provoked by the
presence of molds
of air conditioning

It helpsto your cars
system maintenance

reduces problems
of allergies

It protects passengers' health

Would you like to sanitize your car?

Bring your car to your trusted authorized dealer or look for the closest Sanity Point near you.
In a few minutes and with little effort, sanitize and deodorize your car with a 100% natural method. After the treatment, pick up the sanitizing certification and the informative brochure attesting the realized sanitizing according to the ?Sanity System? professional system. We have a little gift for you, a perfume diffuser to hang in your car.

Would you like to become a sanity point authorized dealer?

Extend the services range offered to your customers! You too can become an authorized Sanity Point Dealer and provide the sanitizing system with ozone of the interior and air-conditioning system.
Being a Sanity Point authorized dealer is a distinctive sign of excellence and competence, which distinguishes you from the competitors and increases your business opportunities. Find out all the advantages reserved for you