The safest and most effective method against germs, bacteria and bad smells

Sanitizing with ozone is widely spread in the industrial and civil cleanliness and it has been successfully used for more than 20 years in several areas, among which the medical and dietary ones, qualifying itself as a valid aid of the traditional medical surgical devices.

Sanitizing with ozone

It's a procedure which allows the removal of pathogen agents from air and water, such as germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and yeasts by disintegrating their molecular structure and causing the death (bacteria) or the inactivation (virus), canceling therefore each possible effect (insects, proliferation, pathologies, bad odors). It is based on the oxidative properties of ozone, a natural gas composed by three molecules of oxygen present in the stratosphere. Thanks to all this the results are effective even in repelling infesting animals and little rodents as well as removing bad odors.

How the sanitizing processwith ozone takes place
It's a rapid and effective treatment
ecologica e naturale
It doesn't release any toxic residue
It uses just air and electrical energy
It's ecological and respects the environment
Additives and chemical detergents are not necessary
It's low-cost