Our SANY CAR ozone generator removes bacteria and allergens from your motor vehicle and removes the bad smells of organic and inorganic nature such as smoking, food, animal fur and transpiration.

Sanitizing of motor vehicle

SANY CAR is the ideal device to sanitize and deodorize both the interior and whole air-conditioning system of every type of vehicle: cars, campers, SUVs, minibuses, ambulances, medical cars, vans, trucks and little crafts.

SANY CAR is light and easy to be carried and it is powered with electric energy through a normal socket. It's provided with a simple and intuitive display with 3 pre-set working programs, different for the duration of the treatment and the quantity of ozone to produce. Each one is planned to expressly guarantee the best result in the shortest time possible, depending on the type of vehicle.

Its exclusive "Safe System" allows to reconvert the residual ozone in oxygen in a safe, quick and completely automatized way. Thanks to this device, it is possible to deliver and use again the vehicle just after the end of the treatment.

Up to a max volume of 1,766 cubic feet

3 pre-set programs
(20-27-42 min.)

Compact and silent

Completely automatic

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