Our SANY PLUS ozone generator is designed to sanitize and deodorize environments of middle and big dimensions.

Sanitizing of environments

SANY PLUS is the ideal device to sanitize outpatients clinics, medical centers, private clinics, chemical analytical laboratories and vet practices. It is recommended to disinfect nursing homes, hotels, dining halls, schools, kindergartens, gyms, beauty centers and Wellness & Spa areas.

SANY PLUS is manageable and easy to be carried and it is powered by electrical energy through a normal socket. It is provided with a simple and intuitive display, 3 working programs which are different for the duration of the treatment and the quantity of generated ozone, guaranteed in the removing of bacteria,viruses and bad smells from the room in the shortest time possible, depending on the type of environment to treat as well as size.

At the end of the cycle, the "Safe System" catalyzes the excess ozone and it reconverts into oxygen in a quick and completely automatized way, allowing you to get back to the normal activities inside the establishment in total safety, as required by the law D.Lgs. 81/2008 Unique Text in the subject of health and safety protection in the working places.

Up to a max volume of 14,126 cubic feet

3 pre-set programs
(37-47-87 min.)

Compact and silent

Completely automatic

Informative material