Ozone sanitization, incredible antibacterial efficacy!

Do you want to protect patients' transported by ambulance and operators' health? Would you like working with safe and odors-free means of rescue?

Wipe out bacteria and viruses reproducing in ambulances. Prevent infections and bad odors with ozone sanitization

Why sanitize ambulances
icona batteri e virus

It removes more than 99% of bacteria, mites, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts and it destroys viruses

It removes the bad odors of blood, urine, feces, saliva and vomit

ecologica e naturale

It destroys the volatile residues of chemical detergents

It allows for a disinfection at high levels (HL) and in a quick and easy way


Ozone Sanitization is recommended for all the types of medical motor vehicles such as first aid ambulances, veterinary ambulances, medical cars and helicopters for life flight rescue.

Ozone is recommended to decontaminate and deodorize the air of the rear cabin and drivers compartment.

Sanitization of the surfaces, objects, equipment, seats, fabric bed sheet, bedspread, cloths, pillows and of gurneys.

Ozone is ideal to eliminate bad odors and remove bacteria, molds, spores, viruses and fungus from the operating room as well as operations control room.

Sanitization and deodorization of the operating room, rest areas, dressing rooms and toilets.


Given the seriousness of the emergency transportation vehicles and the risk of contracting infections, the sanitization of the vehicle and equipment must always be clean and disinfected: objects and people are constantly in direct contact with their hands or with organic material and potentially infected biological liquids (blood, urine, regurgitation, saliva drops and sweat). Moreover, the structure of ambulances and the presence of the equipment impede an optimal cleanliness, above all of the most difficult points where germs and bacteria easily settle.

In order to guarantee the safety and health of the healthcare professionals and patients, sanitization with ozone is ideal, because it allows for a perfect sanitizing and decontamination of the cabin, interior with extreme ease and effectiveness even disinfection at high levels (HL).

Indeed ozone, representing a highly antimicrobial and antimycotic gas, it easily penetrates the fabric, diffuses everywhere and kills more than 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses.

It prevents the risk of infections and contamination

It removes all the micro-organisms both organic and inorganic

It doesn't damage the equipment and or interior of the vehicles

It improves the quality of the air in the vehicle

It sanitizes in a quick and safe way

It is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as a ?natural aid for the sterilization of contaminated environments?

It is recognized by the Ministry of Health as ?disinfectant and disinfesting agent in the treatment of air and water?

It contributes to the observance of the regulations on the protection of health and safety in the work place?

It increases patients' comfort

It perfectly disinfects without the use of chemical additives

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