Sanitizing with ozone, healthy and clean skin!

Would you like improving the efficacy of your tricologic treatments? Would you like removing bacteria and allergens from your shop?

Remove the pathogen agents, main cause of infections and allergies and give life again to your clients' hair and skin.

Sanitizing with the ozone in hair salons
icona batteri e virus

It removes bacteria, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts and pollens. It inactivates viruses.

It removes bad smells of mold and perspiration.

ecologica e naturale

It destroys the volatile residue of the chemical products.

allontana insetti infestanti

It repels the infesting insects such as ants, mosquitos, cockroaches and bedbugs.


Sanitizing with ozone in your hair salons for hair stylists is a valid help in the aesthetic and curative treatments for skin and hair and an important means of prevention against infections and allergies. The typical activities of the salons such as shampoo, massage of the scalp, cut and set involve the skin-to-skin contact with the dresser and in some cases little cuts and injuries, which increase the probability to contract infections represent a risk both to customers and the personnel.

Ozone is recommended to sanitize rooms, surfaces, walls, pieces of furniture, objects and fabric, such as carpets, curtains, pillows and armchair.

Sanitizing of the air of: entry, waiting room, salon, storage closet, toilets.

Water enriched with ozone is recommended to accurately wash all the surfaces and most delicate objects.

Washing with ozone water of equipment (scissors, blades, brush, etc?) and of devices (razor, beard regulators, hair dryer, helmet, etc..)

Washings with ozone water sanitized and purify skin and hair, strengthen the hair bulb, stimulate the microcircle and increase the cutaneous oxygenation, improving quickly the health conditions of skin and hair, with no side effects.

Rinses with ozone water to contrast alopecia, dandruff, psoriasis, the excessive sebaceous secretion and strengthen hair with brilliance.


Sanitizing with ozone you hair salon represents a care and respect action towards your customers and the personnel staff, it protects their health and safeguards your shop form possible complaints and unpleasant misunderstandings.

It improves the efficiency of your treatments

It makes air healthy and fresh

It contributes to the observance of the rules about health protection and safety in the working places

It facilitates a positive image feedback

It reduces the risk of infections

It accelerates the cleanliness activities

Sanity O-Zone

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